Double Bed - Duvet & Pillows

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Cushion Collection

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Poppy Meadow Container Set

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Örsjö Belysning PJ Desk lamp

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Cooker 72680 Dual

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Melons Collection

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A marketplace for CG professionals to buy and sell superior quality 3D models and textures. Our goals is to create a place where buyers can be confident what they are buying is accurate, realistic and production ready.

Humans check everything here and standards are important to us. We know what the production environment demands and what you see is what you get.

What makes UMOLAB different?

  • ARQ Scores

    We check that each item is accurate, realistic, and high quality

  • Method of Creation

    We show you how each item was created so you can have a better idea of its accuracy.

  • Photorealism

    All the items on the site are based on real objects.

  • One Kind

    We only put the best of each mass produced item on the site.

  • Collabrative Suggestions

    We work with you to suggest popular items that are likely to sell well.